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Garment Printing

Recent Stories

  • This discussion looks at the consequences of poor temperature control, both in the dryer and during transfer appliction.
  • "Bright" and "soft-handed"--a pair of terms you don't usually associate with screen-printed images on dark garments. But if you use discharge inks, these qualities can describe every dark-garment graphic you produce. Find out why so few printers try their hand at discharge printing and how to put discharge inks to work in your shop.
  • Davis presents eight ways to build a better textile-printing operation, including a standardized procedure that ensures consistent quality from production run to production run.
  • Davis points out what ink combinations and procedures will and worn't work for special-effects applications.
  • Davis continues his investigation of special-effect inks by encouraging printers to standardize the methods they use to print them. The focus of this article is mesh selection and tension, squeegee characteristics, and ink modifications.
  • Davis describes common modifiers available and when to use them.
  • Davis examines the most influential parameters and considers the steps needed to reduce or prevent the occurrence of these unwanted marks.
  • A cure for bleeding colors