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discharge inks

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  • Advancements in inks and stencils, plus increasingly accessible automatic systems, are just a few of the many factors keeping screen printing ahead in the garment game.
  • Numerous types of water-based inks are available for apparel printing, and each has its purpose.
  • Though not always as production-friendly as plastisols, water-based inks can benefit you in the long run if you have the right skills.
  • For use with any textile ink.
  • Discharge inks are experiencing a renewed interest among garment screen printers. This article describes the types of ink systems available, proper use of these formulations, and the safety precautions you should employ when working with them.
  • "Bright" and "soft-handed"--a pair of terms you don't usually associate with screen-printed images on dark garments. But if you use discharge inks, these qualities can describe every dark-garment graphic you produce. Find out why so few printers try their hand at discharge printing and how to put discharge inks to work in your shop.