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garment printing

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  • Using a loupe to check for errors makes for a good method of identifying flaws and making improvements in the printing process.
  • Ranar Manufacturing
  • Davis explains how flash units can influence productivity and describes problems you'll see when they fail to keep their cool.
  • Discover tips and techniques that can help you profit from untapped niche markets.
  • Digital equipment probably won't replace screen printing in the garment industry, but the time may come when adding a direct-to-garment inkjet to your shop makes sense. Ukena explains how to determine when you might benefit the most from direct-to-garment inkjet technology.
  • Making social and environmental issues a priority in your daily operations may not seem practical when turnaround times and finances are tight. But if you follow the lead of garment printers who have researched the effects of sweatshop labor, chemically treated cotton, and ecologically unfriendly inks, you may just change your mind.
  • In this installment, learn how dot gain manifests in garment graphics and how to compensate for it in prepress.
  • Discover the challenges of working with big-and-tall garments and ways you can profit from these applications